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Improvement through Illumination

  • Case Studies...

    Illumination by example. Take...

    Illumination by example. Take a look at the results of previous Aegis Lighting projects in these images. [...]

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    Case Studies
  • Warehouse Lighting...

    High efficiency fixtures and bulbs...

    High efficiency fixtures and bulbs will improve the quality of your lighting and significantly reduce your energy consumption resulting in [...]

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    Warehouse Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting...

    Exterior wall packs and pole...

    Exterior wall packs and pole lights are one of the easiest places to save the most money while greatly improving [...]

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    Exterior Lighting
  • Interior Lighting...

    LED lights offer excellent illumination...

    LED lights offer excellent illumination while consuming very little electricity. We have LED lights that will work with existing T-8 [...]

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    Interior Lighting
Aegis Lighting utilizes an ROI-based approach to address your lighting challenges and we pride ourselves on providing the most cost effective, high efficiency solutions available.

Every facility has different needs and lighting systems can get complicated. We will walk with you through your facility to determine which areas are well lit and efficient and which areas are not. Based on this information we will engineer a site specific plan designed to maximize the light in your facility while minimizing your energy consumption.

Aegis breaks a facility’s lighting system into three main areas:

  • Interior office and task lights
  • Warehouse and high-hay lights
  • Exterior wall-packs and pole lights

Each of these areas can be improved by implementing the latest lighting technology. At AEGIS we provide a full spectrum of solutions and we will take the time to explain the features, advantages and benefits of each so you can make an informed decision.

Even in new or recently updated facilities our systems typically reduce electricity consumption by 30% to 70% while maintaining or increasing the amount of usable light.

In addition to retrofitting your facility with high efficiency fixtures and bulbs, AEGIS Lighting can also show you the benefits of various control systems including occupancy and motion sensors. The only thing that is costlier than an inefficient light is paying to light an area that is not in use.

Lighting is, without question, the easiest place to save money in a facility. Our systems generally pay for themselves in the first 4 to 18 months after installation depending on your hours of operation.

Give us a call today to get a free evaluation and learn what AEGIS Lighting can do to help you save money every time you turn the lights on!