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Interior Lighting


LED lights offer excellent illumination while consuming very little electricity. We have LED lights that will work with existing T-8 electronic ballasts as well as complete retrofit systems utilizing new LED drivers, tombstones and bracketry.

Virtually any fluorescent fixture can be retrofit with LED components which consume less than half of the electricity fluorescent fixtures do. Our LED Lamps use only 18 watts of electricity and have a remarkable 50,000 hour life span.

As an added bonus, LEDs have no hazardous components (mercury) and are not regulated as either hazardous or universal waste. So, when it is time to replace them it won’t cost you a small fortune to dispose of them properly.

Office Light Comparison Chart

Current Lamp Type Number of Lamps Lamp Wattage Ballast Factor Wattage Calculation Fixture Wattage Savings Over Traditional Fluorescents
T-12 4 36 1.16 Fixture wattage = (4*36) *1.16 167.04 57%
T-12 3 36 1.16 Fixture wattage = (3*36) *1.16 125.28 57%
T-8 4 32 1.08 Fixture wattage = (4*32) *1.08 138.24 52%
T-8 3 32 1.08 Fixture wattage = (3*32) *1.08 103.68 525
4′ LED Lamps 4 18 0 Fixture Wattage = (4*18) 72 Most Efficient
4′ LED Lamps 3 18 0 Fixture wattage = (3*18) 54 Most Efficient

In many situations we can reduce the number of lamps per fixture offering additional savings.

In addition to the immediate electricity and maintenance savings, Aegis Lighting will find any rebates or incentives offered by your utility company that may apply to you. Typical Return on Investment (ROI) is between 4 and 18 months depending on your specific system and your hours of operation.