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Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting


Exterior wall packs and pole lights are one of the easiest places to save the most money while greatly improving the look and safety of your facility.

LED fixtures use a fraction of the electricity and last significantly longer than their HID counterpart.

The LED fixtures provide a clean white light as opposed to the faded, yellow light that most HIDs provide. Additionally, there is no buzz and you do not have to treat the old bulbs as waste material.

Possibly as important as the electrical savings and appearance, an LED upgrade will greatly reduce your maintenance costs. Our exterior LED fixtures have up to a 10 year, 100,000 hour warranty, ensuring you will not be wasting time changing lamps.

The chart below shows the potential electricity savings that an AEGIS Lighting system would provide.

Lamp Type Number of Lamps Lamp Wattage Ballast Factor Wattage Calculation Fixture Wattage Savings Over Traditional Halides
Metal Halide (400 Watt) 1 400 1.16 Fixture wattage = 400*1.16 465 66%
Metal Halide (1000 Watt) 1 1000 1.16 Fixture Wattage = 1000*1.16 1,160 74%
Aegis LED High-Bay 1 N/A N/A Fixture Wattage = 160 160 Most Efficient
Aegis LED High-Bay 1 N/A N/A Fixture Wattage = 300 300 Most Efficient

LED fixtures provide a more consistent light over a longer period of time than their HID equivalents since they do not have a substantial “light fade”.

Light Fade is a characteristic of HID lights as they are very bright when initially installed but fade to 70-80% of their initial lumen output in the first 6 months of use. They then lose an additional 30 to 60% of their lumen output over the next 2 years. After 3 years your HID lamp is burning the same amount of electricity but is producing 60 -70% less light than when you initially installed it.