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Warehouse Lighting


Replacing outdated warehouse fixtures with high efficiency fixtures and bulbs will improve the quality of your lighting and significantly reduce your energy consumption resulting in significant reductions to your operating costs. AEGIS Lighting replaces HID (mercury & sodium vapor lamps) and T-5 fixtures with LED High-Bay lights. Our fixtures use roughly 50-90% less electricity than an HID fixture and provide a brighter more consistent light.

LED lights use a fraction of the electricity, they last longer and they don’t make that irritating buzz sound associated with HID systems.

The chart below shows the potential electricity savings that an AEGIS Lighting system would provide.

Lamp Type Number of Lamps Lamp Wattage Ballast Factor Wattage Calculation Fixture Wattage Savings Over Traditional Systems
Metal Halide (400 Watt) 1 400 1.16 Fixture wattage = 400*1.16 465 66%
4 Lamp T-5 4 54 1.08 Fixture wattage = (4*54) *1.08 234 66%
Aegis LED High-Bay 1 N/A N/A Fixture Wattage = 160 160 Most Efficient

Our systems not only cut down significantly on your electricity consumption but they also provide more consistent lighting over a longer period of time. HID lamps are very bright when initially installed but fade to 70-80 percent of their lumen output in the first 6 months of use. They then lose an additional 30 to 60% of their lumen generation over the next 2 years. After 3 years your HID lamp is consuming the same amount of electricity but is producing 60 -70% less light than when you initially installed it. AEGIS Lighting systems do not have this “light fade” and remain at 80-90% of their initial lumens until they burn out.

If you take a look in your warehouse you can see the different color light which is an indicator of how your HIDs are “fading out”.

LED fixtures do not make that irritating buzzing noise and they turn on immediately. There is no need to wait for your lights to “warm up” before you can see in your warehouse. As an added bonus there are no hazardous components in LED fixtures, unlike HID’s and fluorescent fixtures which have to be disposed of as either a universal or hazardous waste.